Timeless Showcases the VI's Film Industry Potential

The culture of St Thomas is rich, diverse and beautiful. Walking through the streets you will easily hear English, Spanish, patois, creole and Arabic being spoken.  As advertised St Thomas has beautiful beaches and a shopping district but what many don't know is the underbelly of the island. What happens on these winding roads at night? How many things are different than they really appear? Timeless director Edward LaBorde has set out to reveal some of just that. 

Set in both modern day St Thomas and ancient Ghana Timeless intertwines two stories filled with love and revenge. The movie is the first with an all local cast and crew. At the premiere LaBorde stated "Often movies filmed here are not about us and not for us." The crowd immediately gave  healthy round of applause because this is so very true.  Movies and commercials filmed in the Virgin Islands often show an all white cast while the demographic is 76% black. Timeless is the first film of its kind to give a glimpse of local life in St Thomas Virgin Islands and tie-in its west African roots. 

The Virgin Islands is an often forgotten about territory to mainland America. Living and working here for the past few years I have my intelligence insulted daily by visitors who are shocked that I have visited their exotic states like Arkansas or Kansas. I am often asked what the local language is here and when I state English, people get even more confused. People never seem to know what currency we use and when I tell people where I live, I almost expect them to not know where it is.  The Virgin Islands is still an enigma to many people and a mystery to others. The movie Timeless seems to be taking a stand in the area of arts and culture and allowing the world a peek into what really goes on. 

Timeless is written and directed by Edward LaBorde Jr, owner of Cutting Edge Entertainment production company and produced by David Edgecombe. LaBorde, a Virgin Islander himself, began making the film back in 2013 with the help of a Kickstarter campaign and locals were immediately excited to support the film and see themselves and the islands represented on the big screen. All three of the US Virgin Islands are shown in the film, St Thomas, StJohn and StCroix. However St Croix doubles as itself and a very convincing ancient Ghana showcasing the diversity of the islands and hopefully opening up new opportunities for the film industry in the territory.

LaBorde worked hard to showcase the culture of the Virgin Islands in Timeless. If you've never been here, after seeing shots of white sandy beaches, flashy carnival costumes, high end shopping centers and nightlife scenes you definitely will want to visit. These are just some of the reasons that we love living here. But living with paradise comes with a price. The Virgin Islands has economic and immigration issues, two very touchy subjects which are touched upon in the film. 

Local cast includes Brummell Germain, Kmisha Victoria Counts, Monai Greene, Julien K. Baa, Sulay Penalo, Elaine Jacobs, Bianca Castillo  Americo Cabrera, Kenya Eugene and Janeisha John who all have done an amazing job telling a passionate love-story and giving the world a peek into real life in the Virgin Islands. Timeless also features a local soundtrack and has really covered its bases in ensuring that this film is a product of the VI. The film will have an encore screening at Reichold Center in St Thomas on November 17th from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm. You can check out the Facebook Event Page HERE.