Yoga for the Solar Plexus

The solar plexus has been a challenging chakra for me. Well chakra alignment is not easy and each chakra requires balancing and rebalancing and constant maintenance. But when I started working on this chakra I had to get a little real with myself. Being more open is allowing me to see how much negativity I've held towards myself and how much negative self-talk I do on a daily basis. For someone who appears to be a pretty confident person I've been holding myself back a lot. 

I'm not proud of it you can only grow when you admit where you are. The solar chakra is extremely important however so I am definitely working on this through my yoga practice. I have included a video below and although she's a bit chatty there are some really good exercises here. The solar plexus relates to the fire element so since I mostly do a home practice I like to have candles lit especially for chakra.