Oils for Solar Plexus Alignment

Massages are the way to my heart.  I love a good massage and believe that the benefits are highly underrated in American culture. The massages I've received while living in Thailand have been very therapeutic for me mentally and physically. Essential oils used in massage and are not only a great way to smell good but a way to heal your body and of course, align your chakras.  My personal dream is to start distilling my own essential oils and I plan to start on this journey hopefully this winter.  Bergamot. lavender, clary sage, rosemary, mandarin and the all time hippie favorite patchouli are all great for the solar plexus chakra. I actually still love patchouli and when I do wear it from time to time people can't help but be drawn to it. Patchouli helps to calm and stabilize the mind. 

Bergamot is also a good oil to use to release feelings of anger and ease digestion. Lavender is an oil that most people are familiar with and helps with anxiety. Clary sage has become increasingly popular as of late and has been used in calming patients during seizures. It's an antidepressant, and antiseptic and antibacterial so it's great for cleaning. 

Rosemary oil not only helps with solar plexus alignment but also stimulates hair growth, and is known for it's anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. It's been proven to lower cortisol as well. Mandarin oil is one of my favorites and is a great sedative and antiseptic. It also smells amazing and aids digestion. 

Add these oils to your bath, or massage into your scalp or skin to gain their benefits. I like to massage into the soles of my feet just at bedtime and then put on a pair of soft socks.