Heart Chakra Essential Oils

So far we've been talking about a blocked heart chakra but it's also possible to have an overactive heart chakra. Loving too much? Well kind of. An overactive heart chakra affects your judgement in romance and friendships. If you are giving to others regardless of circumstance or ability that is an overactive heart chakra. The reason that this is happening is because your heart chakra is trying to compensate for other blocked chakras. 

Oil baths and oil massage can be a great way to help balance your chakras. Eucalyptus oil relates to freedom and helps to decongest the body and open the heart chakra. Not so surprising the soft gentle smell of rose oil has a high spiritual frequency and is perfect for your balancing your fourth chakra as well. Lemon oil helps immensely with the heart chakra as well as the lymphatic system. Lemon oil caters specifically to self-love and helps to nurture one's relationship with oneself. If you feel as though you've lost yourself in a relationship lemon oil can bring clarity and help you to realign.