Herbs to Align Your Heart Chakra

I'm drinking an herbal tea as I write this. Most of the time I have had some kind of herbal tea during my day. Some days I chug a great deal of it. I make herbal healing teas by the gallon since I live in hot weather all year round. Herbs are a great way to get healthier and align your chakras. 

If you have an over-active heart chakra you might have some physical symptoms in the chest such as high blood pressure, heart palpitation or issues with lungs. You want to look for healing green herbs to assist with this balance. Thyme, sage, parsley and basil all assist with heart chakra balance and can be grown in a small pot on your windowsill. Fragrant flowers like jasmine, lavender and rose can but cut, placed in the home, drank in a tea or used in an oil.