Foods to Unblock Your Sacral Chakra

If you were looking for this post yesterday my apologies guys, there was a little complication with the website so everything is just now getting published today. I hope you've given some thought to the state of your sacral chakra since our last post. I also made a post called Juicing or Blending which will go along great with this one. 

The sacral chakra, your emotional and creative center needs to be nourished in order for you to attract and retain healthy relationships. When you think about eating for this chakra you probably already think about fruit. Sweet fruits and honey are  a sensual aphrodisiac for a reason, because they are aligning that sexual energy within you. Mangoes, passion fruit, papaya, peaches, and oranges are all orange, sweet and perfect for creating harmony in your sacral chakra. 

Although not orange coconut is a great fruit for balancing the sacral chakra due to it's good fats and oils. Sweet, juicy with healthy fats and oils are what keep our bodies not only healthy but smelling and tasting sweet to our lovers. Fish, rich in omega 3's as well as nuts like almond and walnuts work well also. Fruit is one of my most favorite things in the world and if I could only eat fruit for the rest of my life I probably would. Making a yogurt bowl with some nice sacral fruits and nuts is a pretty easy way to get your sacral back on track.