Herbs for Your Sacral

As you can probably tell by my supplemental posts I've been enjoying chakra week. It's important stuff the chakra and slowly but surely I've been making some progress and feeling some changes. Herbs are one of my favorite things and I encourage you all to start a small herb garden. This will allow you to take much better care of your health and incorporate more and more healing herbs into your daily meals and teas. 

Urinary tract infections, menstrual problems and even eating disorders are common physical symptoms of sacral blockages. Hibiscus tea, which I grow right on my front porch is a delicious tea to assist with the sacral chakra. Calendula is great for sacral alignment and menstrual cramps. GoldenSeal is another powerful herb that can assist everything from anorexia, constipation, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, cancer and malaria. 


These herbs can be found in pill form supplements or teas. Water also actives the sacral chakra so sip on some herbal tea while in your Oil Bath