Solar Plexus, the Power Chakra

My apologies for the delayed posts guys. Some scheduled posts did not actually post while I've been traveling so things got a bit off. Looks like we're all caught up now though and it's time to move on to the solar plexus. This chakra is located above the navel and below the rib cage. The solar plexus is important because it's about your self-identity and who you are. 

The main issue that people have with this chakra is using this power for good. If this chakra is overactive you are the type of person that is always stressed out. You react emotionally to everything and life kind of leads you around.  You are judgemental and critical, angry or aggressive. You are also probably a workaholic or perfectionist. 

If this chakra is underactive on the other hand life is just passing you by. You're very passive and have a hard time making decisions. You avoid your feelings of depression and constantly need approval from others. You have issues with trust and worry a lot about what others think of you. 

The solar plexus is charged by the element of fire and the color yellow and gives you the power to move forward in confidence. Some physical side effects of an imbalance may be poor digestion, arthritis, weight gain, anorexia, bulimia, hepatitis diabetes, ulcers. color cancer or intestinal tumors. 

Think about this new information and what you may need to focus on. Find a yellow photo to keep on the dashboard in your card or a yellow bracelet or string to wear around your wrist as we focus on this chakra over the next seven days.