Morning Prayers

Morning rituals are important to establish and although I love mine, I also hate feeling like everything is very calculated about my day. On my journey of "100 Days of Self Love" I have come to realize that I do function best when I have these rituals however I can switch, up and change things as much as I like. I will be sharing more of my morning rituals as time goes one. Today I wanted to share one of my favorite prayers. 

One of the things I love and that helps me feel grounded are my bhajans, or hindu spiritual songs. I listen to them in the morning and it helps me to feel complete and ready for my day. In Hinduism Ganesha the wise Lord, and remover of obstacles is whom you pray to first. I always start my day off with a Ganesha bhajan thanking him. I ask for guidance and have faith that I will receive clarity on the obstacles I face and how to handle them. I have included this bhajan below.