Oils for Throat Chakra

I went oil shopping recently and it was so very exciting. I'm quite obsessed with smell. I just believe that everything should smell good at all times. Plus there are so many oils that are beneficial for so many things. I use tea tree tree oil to replace deodorant, coconut oil to replace mouthwash and jasmine and olive oil to condition my hair. 

You can also use many oils to open your throat chakra as well, and as I've written this chakra has been challenging as hell for me. Just because you talk a lot doesn't mean that you are expressing your true feelings. so I encourage everyone to take a deep look at this chakra. Cypress, lavender, sage, jasmine, frankincense, peppermint and eucalyptus are all great for oil baths. Choose one to rub on your neck and meditate on opening your throat chakra.