Mantras for Throat Chakra Alignment

The throat chakra is so very important and I suspect many people have blockages in this area. I didn't know until I did the work that I too was suffering. I consider myself a pretty blunt person but upon deeper investigation there were some things I was holding back and some very important conversations that I needed to have.

 I am greatly concerned about throat chakra blockages for women since across the world we often struggle to be heard in our homes, communities and in the workplace. Feeling like you can not freely express yourself can lead to a number of issues like sore throat, cough or thyroid issues. 

One thing I have not touched on yet are mantras. The first mantras were in sanskrit. There are thousands of mantras and they have different purposes based on which religion they are tied to. I personally chant Hindu mantras because that is where my religious beliefs are based. Traditional mantras are based on melody and sound and resonate with a particular chakra. However a mantra can also be a thought or idea repeated to change a belief. 

If you find that you don't say how you feel to your partner, maybe you feel as though they don't take you seriously, eventually this thought will cause a blockage. You will need to change that thought. You can make up your own mantra to say to yourself every time you feel like you need to gather the courage to speak. Repeating "My words are important and deserve to be heard." can help you to gain the confidence you need. 

At first I thought mantras were a little bit silly, but with time I've discovered that they do work and if you want to change how you feel about something you have to change your beliefs. And if you want to change your beliefs you have to work to push out the negative beliefs already there. below are a few mantras I found inspirational. Try one of them with the meditation track below. 

1. "Feelings are only visitors. Let them come and let them go" 

2. "I move beyond my limitations and allow myself to create freely" 

3. "My thoughts are pure. My thoughts are valid. My thoughts are important"