Crystals and Stones to Balance your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is associated with the color blue. I always think of a bright blue sky and it reminds me of freedom. The freedom to express myself. Many blue stones are associated with the throat chakra and it's common to wear one on a necklace, close to one's throat to assist in balance. Lapis lazuli is a very powerful stone and is said to bring harmony and enhancing intellect. Lapis was revered by ancient Egypt and a very beautiful cobalt blue with gold veins running through it. 

Aquamarine is a beautiful stone however it is often duplicated so be careful when purchasing. Aquamarine has the healing energy of the ocean and used to be carried by seamen to promote safe travel. Along with balancing the throat chakra it also helps to overcome fear and judgement allowing you to open yourself to your innermost truth. 

Lastly you can't talk about throat chakra stones without mentioning turquoise. This is probably one of the oldest and most universal stones in history. It has been used amongst various cultures for centuries. Turquoise is a stone that aids in self-forgiveness, self-acceptance, depression and mood swings. You can use it to aid in throat chakra balance and it's easy to find around the world. 

All of these stones are truly beautiful and look very nice in jewelry for men or women. If you're not fond of jewelry try placing the stone in a bowl in your house. Be sure to charge them and use them in your throat chakra meditation.