Chakra Meditation: Opening Your Third Eye

Balance of the third eye is very important in helping us to feel confident in our deccision making skills and self aware. Do you feel like you've been very indecisive lately? Focus on some third eye chakra techniques. I like to stare at the color associated with the chakra I want to concentrate on before hand. This helps me to visualize it better when I do my meditation. If I want to concentrate on my root chakra I will stare at something red for a couple of minutes, for sacral I will choose something orange. For the third eye you want to find something indigo to gaze at. 

As you go into your meditation focus on your breathing. Visualize an indigo light right between your eyes. Make sure you are in a comfortable position seated or laying down. Use a mantra if you like such as "My mind is open to new visions" or "I am aligned with the highest truth". Below I have posted a great video for sue during your meditation practice. Give it a try and see if you feel calmer and more clear-headed.