Parks & Carlos & Smith & Kaepernick

Ankhle Conscious of Bondfire Radio has an awesome new project and some sweet merch that I thought everyone should know about. The design reads "Parks & Carlos & Smith & Kaepernick: You can sit down, stand up, or take a knee. For Freedom." and is available on mugs, tees, tote bags and stickers. I thought that in the height of the recent Kaepernick controversy this is a truly important message. The design commemorates three points of peaceful protests, during three different eras of American history. Not only does this design have a great and important quote but it's also for a greater cause.

The sale of the merchandise is part of a campaign is for the development of Eklektic Arts & Service a nonprofit creatively using art to employ people and empower their spirits. Headed by Ankhle C himself, their mission is to employ 100 people in 2017. I chatted with the artist, designer, musician and radio personality from Thailand about his project and its goals. It's not often you see someone raising money to be able to legitimately support and hire other people. 

"Simply I've been wanting to start this company where people are employed specifically to create work and perform missions that resonate on a certain frequency. Whether it be murals to beautify neighborhoods or a day of art therapy at select institutions for healing. The list of creative projects is very long. there's money everywhere as well for art, and I intend on getting it. " Conscious said. And who can argue with that. I think just about every artist wishes that we had more of us fighting for us out there. 

When I see crowd-funding it's usually just about someone needing some money to do something. The end. I was stunned by Conscious looking to start a company to employ other people and give back to and work with fellow artists in such a capacity. I asked Conscious how he got the idea to combine the two. He told me using Teespring allows him to create and distribute tangible art pieces with no overhead and little risk. “The artworks definitely line up with the current time and are relevant and serve to unite and empower those who view it and spread these messages either by sharing the link and conversation or presenting these items out in the real world."

Conscious is using art that empowers as a means to financially fuel the startup of a Eklektic Arts & Services and has been working on several projects to put this in motion already. He is presenting the campaign through another of his endeavors AG TrapHaus thus introducing this brand to a whole new audience. Some of that audience may be his future employees, you know never.  "Let's get this money so we can get some money and employ people to empower them and empower other through art." says Ankhle Conscious and I can't agree more. 

All of the designs for the campaign are currently available here until October 3rd. They are pretty fresh so you will want to snag one before they're gone.