Lemon Parsley Tea for Inflammation

I get asked about my parsley lemon tea reciepe quite often. It's one of my favorite teas for inflammation and I drink it both hot and cold. I suffer from osteoarthris so inflammtion is a big concern of mine. I use this tea to rehydrate after hiking and working out. It's also a great tea to drink during your menstrual cycle and can help to regulate your cycle. Parsley is rich in iron and can help with health issues such as digestion, flatuence, and cancerous tumors. 

There is no exact science as to how much parsley and how much lemon. I like to make my teas in bulk, so I know that I will drink them all. I think a common mistake is that people drink one cup of herbal teas and expect amazing results. You need to get the herbs in your system to feel the results. You should be drinking three cups a day to feel results. The following receipe will make you about a gallon of tea. 

Pour one gallon of water into a very large pot. (If your pot isn't large enough to hold a gallon repeat the recipe two with half gallons.) Add a whole bunch of parsley and two sliced lemons. Boil for ten minutes. Add a healthy sweetner such as raw sugar, coconut sugar or agave. Drink hot or cold three times per day. 

This tea should not be consumed by women that are pregnant or nursing or by anyone with kidney disease.