Anegada Christmas Get-Away

The best thing about living in the US Virgin Islands is being able to island hop. Throughout the Caribbean each and every island is truly unique and beautiful. There is always a different culture, food, accents, and histories to enjoy. The Christmas holidays are always a big difficult for me since the 27th of December comemorates the passing of my late husband Andres Contreras. In efforts to keep my spirits high we took off for Anegada, British Virgin Islands for the Christmas holidays. 

Anegada is a small, flat island located in the British Virgin Islands 40 miles north of St Thomas US Virgin Islands and is formed of coral and limestone. It has approximately 300 residents, one school and no dirt. It's impossible to grow any vegetables on the island so sea food such as conch and lobster is a staple of the local diet. Tourism and fishing fuel the economy and you will meet locals born on the island or others that come from neighboring Tortola. There is also an immigrant population from Dominican Republic that moves from the bustling city of Santo Domingo to Anegada to work. 

There are a few nice places to stay on island I highly recommend Anegada Reef Hotel. The staff is friendly and the bar is sure to get crowded at night with sweet Sydney behind the bar. The rooms are spacious and comfy and they've got a nice strong wi-fi signal. If you want a higer end option check out the Anegada Beach Club and their gorgeous suites and tents!  For dinner check out Potter's on the Sea who you can always count on for a fun night with Sam headlining the limbo and lots of delicious local food. You'll need to get your dinner reservations in early though, by 4:00pm otherwise you'll find yourself hungry in the evening. 

We spent a lot of time on the beaches of course and if you like hiking as I mentioned, this island is totally flat so I recommend stretching your legs. If you want a little more exciting way to get around you can always rent a scooter or motorcycle from Kenny's Scooth Tooth right by the ferry dock. My favorite beaches were Loblolly, Cow Wreck and Anegada Beach Club. With sand like sugar you won't be disappointed anywhere you go! 

If you're coming over from the US Virgin Islands you will want to check the ferry details carefully. Ferries run from St Thomas to Tortola, and Tortola to Anegada only two days per week. Be sure to line up your times and accomodations correctly. 

Herbs for Root Chakra

If you've been following me over the past year you know that herbs get me really excited. I've been studying herbs and learning different herbal teas and drinks from a bushman in the Virgin Islands. A Bushman is what we call a natural healer in the Caribbean. I've been making teas, growing herbs and now I'm excited to share some of this info with you guys. 

The root chakra pulls power from herbs that are often red in color, no surprise there, but also spicy foods. Have you ever suddenly been craving spicy foods? I know I have. Perhaps that's your body's way of trying to tell you that you need to balance out a little. If you can stand it you want to add a little chili or cayenne pepper to your food for a balanced root chakra. Pungent herbs like horseradish, hot paprika or cloves also work. If you're not a fan of any of these try making a cup of dandelion tea. This tea works wonders at fighting cancer and also keeps that root chakra in check.  Here is an article on how to harvest and use dandelion root. 

Thanks for following along this week! Tomorrow begins our journey with the sacral chakra!